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Mojo Risin’ – Amy fans get behind her new album

Posted on | May 21, 2009 | No Comments

As of Tuesday May 19, the album fund has hit $10,000.00. This is an incredible beginning and in about one month we are well on our way of reaching the goal of $35,000.00. Why does a record cost this much to make? Can’t people make them in their basements? Yes, some can. Maybe someday I will. Especially if I ever have a house with a basement. In the meantime, this is my third album and I’m hiring a producer because I can’t do it alone. I’m hiring some world-class musicians and engineers and artists to make this the best album I can. Most of the money is for musicians, producer/arranger and studio time. Then there’s post production/mastering, artwork, manufacturing and distribution. My goal is to have a first run out this fall or by the end of this year for people who pre-order the album.

I leave tomorrow to head to Los Angeles, and I’m flying high from all your support and encouragment.

Thank you for playing a part in my new album and giving me an opportunity to make the record I believe I can make. I can’t thank you enough. It couldn’t happen without you.



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