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International Praise for Amy Correia’s As We Are:

“Amy Correia is a unicorn of a songwriter and singer. Intuitive, powerful and vulnerable all at once. I’m obsessed.” Grammy Award Winner Anais Mitchell

Amy Correia is an Americana poet, her plainspoken eloquence conjuring spirits of backroads overgrown with weeds and empty alleyways crowded with thickening shadows.” Under the Radar Magazine

“a strong showcase for Correia’s abundant gifts as a songwriter and bandleader. These songs steadily work their way under your skin like lullabies for the soul.”  The Daily Vault

“compelling…powerful…a reflective, introspective record…well-crafted songs…thought-provoking.” Americana UK

“Correia has an extraordinary way with words.” Fiachna Ó Braonáin, RTE Late Date

“Correia has made quite a lasting impression in the singer-songwriter genre with her original, emotive sound…her new EP convinces right from the start with 5 beautiful songs in her very own style.” Heaven Magazine (Netherlands)

“Smoky Vocals and Imaginative and Deceptively Deep Songs….” Rocking Magpie UK

“that stunning voice has deepened slightly, the vulnerability is still there along with a soulful warmth and oomph…another atmospheric gem…sometimes the best releases come in small packages.” Fatea Magazine (UK) 

“Correia is quite at home being a little bit jazzy, a little bit folky, and a little bit bewitching. Her vocals are out in front, gloriously edgy, sometimes sounding as soulful as Frazey Ford, other times as delicate as Melanie.”  Lonesome Highway (Ireland)

“These are the songs of someone who has lived a life and has a little something to say about that. Introspective and insightful more than sassy, this earned wisdom sparkles throughout.” Aiding & Abetting

“‘As We Are’ is short, sweet and to the point but the songs will linger long in the memory.” Folk and Tumble 

“Les chansons d’une singuliere richesse sonore semblent paradoxalement epurees de tout element superflu..simplement magnifique….” W-Fenec (France)

“Correia is magical in her way of transporting us where we do not expect to go…This album exudes a tenderness of soul that offers insights into our shared humanity.” Lust 4 Live (France)

“Any Americana show that is worth its salt should playlist the Hell out of this unexpected, but very welcome, return of an artistwho wears her heart on her sleeve.”  Here Comes The Flood

“delightful collection…powerful voice.” Rootstime 

Amy Correia "Lakeville" Press Photo
AMY CORREIA - hi res

AMY CORREIA Press Quotes

“An astute songwriter who avoids clichés…..Ms. Correia is not just another quirky girl, the label often affixed to women who use their heads as aggressively as their hearts. She must face the fact that the music industry isn’t very good at promoting women who are more like the cat that eats the canary than the fragile bird itself. This singular talent warrants a chance to disprove easy expectations…Ms. Correia deserves to be embraced by a loyal audience.” The New York Times (Ann Powers)

“Amy Correia doesn’t pretty up her voice on LAKEVILLE. It’s shaky and scratchy; it misses notes and sometimes catches or cracks. At first her songwriting can sound just as unpolished, with melodies that are reveries on old blues, folk or gospel. But like Michelle Shocked and Tom Waits, Ms. Correia turns imperfections into intimacies.”
New York Times, Critic’s Pick (Jon Pareles)


Praise for You Go Your Way (2010)

Winner of Independent Music Award for Best Folk, Singer-Songwriter Album (2012)

“Amy Correia’s “You Go Your Way” is something of a wonder to behold. In turns biting, buoyant and even whimsical, it radiates with an aura of diverse influences and a musical self-assuredness that belies the Massachusetts native’s skeptical, questioning lyrics. Those influences include any number of tough-on-the-outside female vocalists, Correia’s crisp rasp recalling the likes of Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt. But in the end, her rootsy, swampy, world-weary delivery, full of confident, bluesy strumming, sumptuous strings and searing background harmonies, is indelibly hers and utterly appealing.” Peter Chianca, Gatehouse News Service

“Nothing short of a masterpiece.” Steve Almond, author of Rock N Roll Will Save Your Life

“If you’re like us, you’ve been following Amy Correia’s career since Carnival Love, her stunning, five star-worthy Capitol Records debut in 2000 (Don’t miss the haunting Jeff Buckley tribute Blind River Boy. She’s back in top form with You Go Your Way, another rootsy gem of an album.” Evan Schlansky, American Songwriter

“Amy Correia continues to expand her palette, expressing herself through songs that cover a wide musical terrain, both stylistically and geographically….You Go Your Way is confident and compelling.” M Magazine

“It’s hard not to get lost in Amy Correia’s latest release, You Go Your Way….If you close your eyes, You Go Your Way will carry you away on a musical journey.” Mayer Danzig, Twangville

Read a High-Five Article in The Boston Globe

Q&A with Amy Correia & journalist Peter Chianca in Wicked Local

“It’s fun to try to place Amy Correia on the contemporary musical landscape. Her distinctive brand of musical storytelling sets her outside the usual set of quirky female singer-songwriters making her as one New York Times reviewer claimed, more like the cat who eats the canary than the fragile bird itself.” Anthony DeCurtis, sitting in for John Schaefer, WNYC’s Soundcheck

“a singer-songwriter to watch. Her voice, too, is an unusual and original one: She’s got hints of Sam Phillips and Aimee Mann, but she sounds more knowing than either one.” Tris McCall, The Star Ledger (NJ)

“sublime” Ed Condran, The Home Tribune (NJ)

“glorious…unique….innovative…” (4 STARS out of 5) Koos Gijsman, HEAVEN Magazine, The Netherlands

” **** It won’t take more than a single spin of Amy Correia’s delightful You Go Your Way release to see why the album was nominated for three Independent Music Awards. The 11 track release finds Correia at the top of her game with her bluesy vocals and ear-pleasing arrangements.”  Jeffrey Sisk, In Tune, The Daily News, PA

“Correia has an enveloping voice and a unique take on the singer/songwriter genre, making her 11- song collection riveting listening. She kicks the album off with a rather astonishing three-punch combo of the title track, “Love Changes Everything” and “Powder Blue Trans Am”….You Go Your Way has a rare spark. The album glides along at its own pace, unfurling interesting characters, insights and melodies along the way. Stephen Carradini, Independent Clauses

Amy’s album You Go Your Way is in line with the craftiest and most eloquent rock records I’ve heard in a good while. It’s lyrical in a Tom Waits sort of way, mixing a playful sense of longing with a restless heart full of realization and reconciliation. Michael Buckley, Capital Gazette

“Correia shows of her Rod Stewart-meets-Lucinda Williams pipes on Powder Blue Trans Am, a song about wanting to get back in the game. It’s ladies night in her soul, in the bar of broken dreams. She’s looking for a man, and for some unfathomable reason, it’s presenting a challenge.
I’ve been sucking on a Tic Tac, condoms in my purse,
knocking back another, and I couldn’t feel any worse.
Bar stool fools flirting with disasters,
things they never change
I feel like getting plastered. – from  “Powder Blue Trans Am” 
Evan Schlansky American Songwriter
“A fine record, with spare, sharp rhythm parts highlighting the strong, bluesy vocals, and featuring uncommonly effective string-quartet arrangements, written and conducted by the album’s producer, Paul Bryan, who has previously worked with Aimee Mann.” New Yorker magazine“You Go Your Way, a record that veers seamlessly from arena rock to gospel music, that includes both power chords and a string quartet.”


WGBH-Boston (NPR)


“Since her acclaimed debut, “Carnival Love,” Amy Correia has been playing geographic hopscotch. So it’s no surprise that on her follow-up, locations vie for attention. “Lakeville,” named after her Massachusetts hometown begins in New York (a drunken train ride to “Coney Island, USA”) then heads west via the Nina Simone-ish “California.” Correia’s waifish voice is both vulnerable and fierce, and it lends credibility to the emotional contradictions she sings about. On the fabulous roots-rocker “Dollar Lake,” she describes a wayward beau “A little long in the teeth/he was short on cash” whom she still has the hots for. Likewise, on the moody “Beautiful/Ugly” (where the spirit of Jeff Buckley can be felt) she sings, “She’s beautiful when she’s crying/and swearing like a sailor.” Recorded in roughly a week by producer Mark Howard (Lucinda Williams), “Lakeville” seduces with a bedroom intimacy “where torch songs, blues, roots and pop are bedmates, enjoying the bacchanal.”  Robin Aigner American Songwriter

“Amy Correia’s voice is a weird thing, full of old blues, ’20s jazz and hipster dawdling. Snaking through her knowing tunes like some ancient perfume, it slowly draws you into her garish world. Her songs are equally unusual, gentle and glowing one moment (“On Second Thought”), smoldering and sad the next (“Beautiful/Ugly”)…Every song is a jewel, and you know instantly that here is a fresh perspective, free of cliché, bold enough to trust her considerable instincts.”
Harp Magazine, Rants & Faves (Ken Micaleff)

“Four years removed from the release of her acclaimed major label debut, “Carnival Love”, singer/songwriter Amy Correia returns with “Lakeville”. The album is a quiet little gem co-produced by Correia with Mark Howard (Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan) on her own dime. The result is an intimate album with an immediate, live feel that suits Correia’s distinct, old-timey vocals. Catchy hooks enliven Correia’s intriguing first person narratives like the wistful “Coney Island, USA,” dreamy “Stranded” and bluesy “The Devil and I.” Her melodies stick in your gourd, while her fanciful word play keeps you guessing.” Paste Magazine (Holly George Warren)

“An outstanding piece of work which refuses to be categorised, by an artist with the talent to be make a major name for herself. Success in the grubby pit that is the music business can be down to many things, but there are three staples: talent, an x-factor and luck. Let’s not mess about here. Correia has a wad of talent and an x-factor the size of Texas. What she’s lacked is luck. If Lakeville doesn’t change that then there is officially no justice. Americana UK (James Clark)


“honest-to-God timeless discovery…earns our highest recommendation”  Billboard Magazine

“Sculpts gorgeous melodies with poetic flair…her songs are often feathery gems that combine cinematic imagery with her multi-instrumental skills on guitar piano, mandolin, banjo and baritone ukulele. ..a wonderful new album.” The Boston Globe

“The love child of Patsy Cline and Jeff Buckley.” San Francisco Examiner

“With a Rickie Lee Jones-style smoky voice and intimate story-songs that Victoria Williams would be proud of, newcomer Amy Correia has launched herself into the adult-pop market with panache….backed throughout by her own mandolin and baritone ukelele, along with shimmering cymbal washes and light piano comping, Correia has the courage to let her raw rural mysticism take center stage.” CMJ

“An amazing collection of 13 acousti-pop songs”  Billboard Magazine

“Correia creates hypnotic, homespun songs that draw from such influences as folk, pop, blues and french-style cabaret.  Add to that her mesmerizing voice and a lyrical dexterity akin to Bob Dylan’s, and you come up with one great find. Guitar World, Acoustic

“An accomplished songwriter…during her short set, she channeled an alcoholic Korean war veteran whose apartment she acquired in New York (“Chinatown”) previewed the Girls Room tour’s most catchy song (“Daydream Car”), which might do for her what “Fast Car” did for Tracy Chapman), and and then concluded with a stunning re-creation of Edith Piaf, in what sounded to be spotless French.”
No Depression