Choose Your Part. Get your Perks.

Week 2 is off to a good start! Thank you, Jeff, for buying a house concert.That is huge. I have eight weeks til I begin recording June 28th. Your pre-order helps me fund this album (read more about it below) Many Thanks! Amy

Cavalcade of Stars – Our Guys Collecting Grammy’s

Well I’m closing in on the first week of the launch of my new album project “Majesty” (in the Making) and I can say that I am encouraged. Moved. Grateful. Okay, even “psyched”. I have to say thank you to all my fans who are responding with generosity kindness and enthusiasm. Your votes of confidence […]

Letter to Fans: "Majesty" in the Making

Hi Everyone, By pre-ordering the CD, you can get the album before anyone else (oooh, la, la) — AND you’ll be helping me fund it – so thank you. Like a growing number of artists, I’m looking to my fans, rather than a record company to help produce my next record. So if you want […]

What’s the Title "Majesty" all about?

Read Ralph Waldo Emerson “Self-Reliance”. Since I first read this essay as 10th grader (or part of it), I knew I was reading something I’d be trying to understand the rest of my life. Twenty-five years later I’m still peeling back the layers of what Emerson wrote and trying to understand what it means to […]

Plans are underway to start recording late June

I’m excited for the opportunity to make my next record with longtime friend, Paul Bryan. He introduced me to drummer Jay Bellerose and the three of us sat down and played together in Los Angeles in Jay’s living room. Paul and I are planning to capture the music we started that day for my next […]

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