Amy Correia LAKEVILLE (2004)

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ABOUT the title track from the album “Lakeville”
Producer Mark Howard recorded Josh Grange (guitar), Dave Ralicke (trombone) and me (baritone uke) performing the song live in the candlelit ballroom of the Paramour Mansion in Los Angeles. The last song recorded for the album. It’s a quiet, contemplative song which if it is about love, is a kind of mystical love between oneself and God. Lakeville refers to a  real place, the small town I grew up in Massachusetts, but it speaks to the deeper longing to be at peace with myself. The images of a shimmering lake, sunlight glowing through leaves, lilac breezes are memories from my childhood.  The image of being alone in the light blue canoe is at the heart of the song. It’s also the picture on the cover of this album taken by Chris Strother. Floating in solitude “where nothing really ever happens” is being connected to that spiritual place in myself that is beyond  personality or events. I named the album Lakeville thinking about this idea and experience.