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You funded it so you heard it first: Here’s some fan feedback on my new album “You Go Your Way”

Write to me at amy@amycorreia.com

“Congrats Amy, it’s a slow burning mini-masterpiece.  It’s got Astral Weeks, it’s got soul and it’s got your brave, bruised heart and wit front and center.  Who could ask for more?  This fan is proud of you!” Eric, New Jersey

“Amy Correia’s new one is a MUST…can’t get it off the player…really inventive arrangements and super nova vocals…rare (and brave) vulnerability…reminds me of everything I love about Aretha’s early work.”  Richard, New York

“It’s awesome!” Mini, CT

“I cannot even tell you which song is my favorite.  It was like Christmas when I received the CD last week. I have been listening ever since.  Amy, this is a gem!  Every song is so well crafted, but not so over-produced that it doesn’t have the live feel I love.  I feel like you are in the room with me when I listen. This album is such a growth in your writing  and singing and is a real showcase of who you are as an artist.  FUV radio is not gonna get enough of it.”  Nick, CT

“Album made it all the way to Paris.  Will pop it into the CD player immediately.  Many thanks and hope for big success in your project.    Anderson, Paris

“I love it, love it, love it! “Oh Lord” is ringing in my mind. New favoritest song.” Tasha, PA

“It arrived today all the way west in Portland OR! Powder Blue Trans Am is shakin’ the place and wakin’ the neighbors as I write this!”  JP, Portland, OR

“Beautiful.  Wonderful.  This fan is very happy.  I felt like a kid again…you know opening it up…plopping down in the comfy chair, actually firing up the good sound system to listen with some volume… It was so interesting to see the variety from the 3 or so Rockwood shows I caught to the completed thought here. The different inflection on “Powder Blue”, the strength of “City Girl” and those song I had yet to experience at the end….wow. You did it and I know you must be so happy with the result as well.” Mark, NYC

“Just rec’d our copy of the CD…. it’s absolutely awesome awesome. Got my co-workers singing powder blue!!! Thank you for sharing your most amazing talents.” Michelle, C

"Amy Correia sent me a bitchin' tshirt for contributing to her new fan funded CD" Gary, California

Amy Correia sent me a bitchin' tshirt for contributing to her new fan funded CD

CONGRATULATIONS on your new album! The instrumentation is really nice, especially the strings. I like the horns, too. The inflections of your voice are really SUPER in all of the songs, Amy!The slight bends, then a punch, then a sigh, then a purr, almost pants, sustains, etc.  Really nice feel and honesty to what you’re singing.   I hear bits of Bonnie Raitt, Joan Osborne and Carole King in the stylistics…even a fresh sound of somebody new like Laura Veirs. But it’s all YOU, of course!  I also hear some of Alejandro Escovedo’s chamber sound at times with the strings, especially the punchy parts with them. I mention the above because of the versatility throughout the album. I really like Broken/Open a lot, the simplicity of it, especially the intro with the uke…so pure…it’s sweet. Good to blend with the other songs…I think the strum out at the end, for about the last 30 seconds, is really cool.” Angie, KY

“Beyond brilliant. Can’t say enough about the new masterpiece. Love it!!!!!!!!! Words can not express…Thank you. Thank you!” Alex, NYC

“Great SOUNDS. Great SINGER.”  Jim, MA

“Fabulous.  Loved the beat, your musicians and your lyrics and voice.  You’re going the right way, Amy.” Nancy, ME

“I just listened to your CD and it is fantastic!  I’m in awe.  Congratulations.”  Marnie, MA

“It’s truly brilliant and you’re best yet. The songs are so cohesive and strong and Paul did a beautiful job with production. You must be thrilled with the outcome!  Thank you for sharing such an important part of who you are.” Kerri, CT

“I’m very impressed. A really fine combination of lyrics and music. I love the Album.” Bruce, MA

“Got my CD today…it is awesome!”  Joe, CT

My husband and I were so excited to get your new album in the mail a few weeks ago. It was definitely worth the wait! Your talent as a song writer is truly a gift. We were so thrilled to see our very good friend Bernie Hargenrader’s name in the special thanks section.  What a great way to recognize your fans and show them how much you appreciate them…Thank you for doing what you do. The best of luck to you and congratulations on your new album.” Joanne, PA

“I’ve been listening to the CD a lot in the car – and enjoying it very much. Thanks again!”  Barb, Pittsburg

“Love it, Amy!” Stephanie, MA

“A home run!” Larry, CT

“Picked my package up from the post office today. Well worth the wait. Sounds great!  Jim, NYC

“4 days, already in my CD player in Paris ^^ Love that voice. Kiss, kiss, kiss” Khaut, Paris

And from: Fan Feedback on Fan Funding (say 3x fast)

“I’m so glad you’re in making a record — and with good people. Hunch: It’s gonna be great. And that sure is a handsome bicycle. In return I send you a pic of one of my dearest.”
-Brad J.

Brad is  producer in Nashville. This is his bike.

Brad is producer in Nashville. This is his bike.

“Been a fan and (on your mailing list) since Carnival Love.
From the Philadelphia area and always try to catch your performances.
I’m not in the music business but it seems to me that the complexion of it is changing dramatically and (in order to grow) you have to change with the landscape, I’m glad to see you’re tending to your garden of fate. Your talent is too relevant to be overlooked and you will have your day in the sun Amy. There is an Erin McKeown song from her Distillation album called ‘Fast as I can’, I often think of my favorite singer/ songwriters when I hear it because (to me) you’re making the music that matters…and success is very subjective. Your songs tell a story and take my mind on a journey and I can’t thank you enough for that. I will tell as many people as I can about your efforts here. I am sincerely looking forward to hearing the final result and seeing you tour in the future.”
-Bernie H.

“Can’t wait! I saw you in Toronto years ago and have listened ever since. I hope you can get back here again soon!”
-Jeff C.

“Saw you open for Duncan Sheik years ago in Denver! I did the same prepay thing with Richard Shindell’s last release. It was fun. I’m all for empowering artists!”
Portland, OR

“You would part with the bike for a meager 10k…shame on you…”
-Jerry M.
New York

“Dude! oh it’s on now daddy. it’s so on. thanks for sending me the announcement about “Majesty.” Paul Bryan and Jay Bellerose?! you obviously know this already: they’re two of the best musicians anyone could ever hope to work with. y’all are gonna have a blast.”
-John D.
New York

“I love this sort of community record making. I’m encouraging my friends to do the same and have forwarded your last email along to them.”
-Eric G.
Coatesville, PA

“I’ve only seen you once…the night you played SF with Marc Cohn. You nearly knocked my socks off!”
San Francisco