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Strings Happen

Posted on | July 29, 2009 | No Comments

Together we’ve raised over 20K to make my new album so far.  We’re in the thick of production and have 12 songs recorded. “The basics” are the tracks we recorded “live” as a trio at the end of June:  me, Paul Bryan on electric bass and Jay Bellerose on drums.  The plan was if we didn’t have enough money we would stop right there.  Thanks to fans, we had enough to put on two background singers, Chavonne Morris and Alethea Mills, who are two up-and-coming singers now on the road with Jackson Browne.  I met Chavonne Morris when we did the Ellen Degeneres show two years ago, singing background vocals for Marc Cohn.  The producer, Paul Bryan and I hoped we’d raised enough money to get us to NYC and also add a string quartet.  Thanks to fans and their contributions to this album, it’s going to happen. I hope to capture some video of the action and will post here….

Many Thanks.



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