Marseille, Mon Amour! Photos from Le Lounge : amy correia

Marseille, Mon Amour! Photos from Le Lounge

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I played a really fun solo show at Le Lounge in Marseille with two French bands in the “gothic country” vein last month: Curwen’s Odd Legacy and Slim Wild Boar.

One of the band members of Curwen’s, Yoann Guyot, kindly sent me an email before the show to say hello, and I suggested we do a few songs together.

I ended up singing with them on Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” and one of their original tunes called “The Seeker”. They played with me on my songs “Blind River Boy” and “Love is”.

The lead singer turned out to be a designer and master stone worker as well as songwriter.  I later helped him translate his bio into English, but his incredible work speaks for itself.  See Alexandre Marque’s work

Alexandre Marque is also a master stone cutter and architectural designer

His sister Amandine is a photographer and took these photos, except for the one of me and the barkeep. A Marseille native, I thought she was really cool, and she approved of my version of La Vie En Rose, which I sang an encore and the enthusiastic crowd sang along…

I chatted with Yoann’s wife after the show, Aline Guyot, who has just finished her first novel. It was a wonderful night and I think Marseille is very cool. I could see living there…

Most Photos by Amandine Marque

Singing "Jolene" with Curwen's Odd Legacy

Singing with Curwen's at Le Lounge

Yoann Guyot of Curwen's Odd Legacy

Snapshot at the Marseille Lounge with my new friend who tended bar


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