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Cavalcade of Stars – Our Guys Collecting Grammy’s

Posted on | April 24, 2009 | No Comments

Well I’m closing in on the first week of the launch of my new album project “Majesty” (in the Making) and I can say that I am encouraged. Moved. Grateful. Okay, even “psyched”. I have to say thank you to all my fans who are responding with generosity kindness and enthusiasm. Your votes of confidence mean a lot to me and this project. The kind words, the pre-orders, the bandying about of credit cards. I have gone from feeling slightly isolated and alone to surrounded by friends/supporters and well-wishers. Thank you!
And now for a gratuitious celebrity photo: I am posting this picture of Gavin Lurssen and Jay Bellerose at the Grammy’s. This is what I’m talking about. My team, Our Team, at the Grammy’s this year just collecting Grammy’s and hanging out with rock ‘n’ roll legends and really funny adorable actresses from New York. Gavin sent this photo to me the other day and I think he said it’s okay to show him off…I think he did. Didn’t he?! These guys are “so cool they could store a side of beef in [them] for a week…(zaphod beeblebrux). And I’m showing them off.


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