Amy & Jill featured on CBS News tonight 6:30PM : amy correia

Amy & Jill featured on CBS News tonight 6:30PM

Posted on | December 19, 2009 | No Comments

Remember when CBS correspondent, Anthony Mason, was filming his piece about Jill Sobule and me for CBS News Sunday Morning?  About how we were fan-funding our latest albums?  He came to my hometown of Lakeville, MA and interviewed me and my dad at his barber shop. He filmed me riding around on a red and rusted bike I was asking a mere 10K for? And taped a show at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC? And some of the recording session in L.A.?  Well, it’s all gonna boil down a to a few minutes TONIGHT and I’m really happy that Jill Sobule and I will finally be huge television stars…finally!  Barring we don’t get blown out of the lineup by the Nor’Easter coming through…

Big  stories bumped us out of the lineup for Sunday Morning this summer (Michael Jackson death, Pete Seeger’s 90th) for example) so maybe it’s far fetched that other big stories won’t blow us out of the lineup tonight, but so far it appears no news is good news for us. . .


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